15 Seconds

If you only have 15 seconds what are you going to do?

How much can you actually accomplish in 15 seconds?

You could take a sip of water, or you could write a sentence. You might even be able to change clothes if you’re quick enough. 15 seconds sounds really short. The more you think about what you could or couldn’t do in 15 seconds, the more you realize that 15 seconds is not a lot of time.

Why 15 seconds?

This is the amount of time you have to make a first impression on a new visitor to your website.

You only have 15 seconds to connect with them and get them to stay. If you only had 15 seconds to speak and connect with someone in the real world, what would you do? What would you say? How would you interact with them to get them interested in staying and conversing? In 15 seconds could you get them to perform an action?

In 15 seconds you can make or break your site, a conversion, a conversation, or a connection to an important customer.


What will you do with your 15 seconds?