Business reasons for website maintenance

business reasons for website maintenance

Most businesses are looking for their website to accomplish the following business objectives: 

  • Website availability
  • Brand well-being
  • Flow
  • Decision-making
  • Nimble marketing

Website availability

Regular website maintenance assures you that your website is always active, and you have peace of mind that it’s doing what you want it to do. You had your website designed for a purpose and in order for that purpose to be achieved it has to be available, working for you 24/7. 

Brand well-being

Your organization continues to look great and have a positive reputation. Brand value is protected. Trust is hard to earn, and easy to lose. Keeping the website sharp means driving the business towards long-term marketing goals. What effects does great marketing have over time?

Monitoring and protecting your website through website ecosystem maintenance drives quality upwards and keeps the business moving towards long-term goals. Websites connect to other websites–which is why the internet is called a “web”, so assessing these website connections and initiating improvements means your website stays fresh and relevant.


Ecommerce, leads, audience engagement all mean keeping the business moving forward. Websites are often on the front-end of business exchanges, and keeping the flow means continuing to send business downstream to sales, project management, fulfillment, etc. 

Rest assured knowing that customer exchanges are flowing through your website unhindered because of routine website maintenance and security.


Knowing that your website was up and running 99.9% of last month, it trended towards better rankings on Google Search, and upcoming Google algorithm updates require some small changes means a more predictable and manageable business.   

Knowing your website’s uptime, search rankings, and general performance drives predictive sales, management of marketing, and proactive business decisions.

Nimble Marketing

A common marketing bottleneck is when the website requires software updates before marketing changes can be made. However, regular website maintenance allows for swift marketing by removing the bottleneck.

The business gains marketing flexibility when the website is regularly maintained. Maintenance requires having a record of website version backups, which means you can move forward boldly with changes without losing what was previously done.

If you ever need to look back at previous versions of your website for business reasons, like reflecting on a previous marketing campaign, you can do that. Website maintenance services require backups and changes that are itemized, stored and logged. 

Backups also enable being able to reinstate previous website features quickly.

Further questions

  • What is expected of your brand, and how does your site being unavailable impact those expectations?
  • How much work is required to recover a site that’s down? Are there regular backups, a predetermined restoration process or contingency plan?
  • What measures are in place to protect sensitive data? For example, email lists, contact form entries, customer information, etc. 
  • What marketing objectives are affected by the website?