Designed Creativity

Creativity is often seen as some random process that flows spontaneously throughout our lives. 

Creativity can be elusive and cannot be called upon on demand. However, structures that are intended to facilitate creativity can be designed. Structures for creativity provide outlets that allow flow to happen more easily and fluidly.

Designing to facilitate creativity allows creativity to be produced more naturally rather than forcibly.

An example would be podcasts. They tend to allow creativity to flow because of structure. Podcasts tend to fall more naturally into a show format. There is a theme, topic, host, and even guest. Podcasts naturally lean toward designed creativity. Podcasts tend to be much better when they are intentionally designed.

Thoughts about designing structure to facilitate creativity.

  • Authenticity is better than an illusion. An example of this is the idea of professionalism.
  • Document instead of create. Journeys are natural, they happen every day. They are much easier to document rather than creating from the ground up.
  • Execution is more important than just having ideas and thinking. Without execution ideas are just ideas.
  • Distribute rather than accumulate. Ship it. Fly the plane, fail fast, reflect, and grow.
  • Crafting a vision or greater good that creativity flows from.