Faster, Smaller, Cheaper

Our world is changing. Technology and the ability it gives us to complete tasks is increasing at an exponential rate. The amount of technology that is being produced and fed to consumers and businesses has increased exponentially over the last decade and it is only going to keep increasing.

Because of this, the world is being driven by a “faster, smaller, cheaper” model, but what about being real? What about slowing down and enjoying the process and journey?

The Internet has become such a great medium for us to connect, talk, interact, and do business with one another. Because of these things we have lost touch with what’s real.

Everything is instantaneously at our fingertips. If we want to see what our friends are up to have instant access through social media.

There is a wall of commoditized services, Facebook timelines, Instagram stories, and Snapchats that keep us from what’s real: Real relationships, real conversations. Our protective instincts use this to their full advantage to hide us from the ever impending dangers of reality.

As a result, you can begin to see the changes in the marketplace. Products and services are racing to the bottom with “faster, smaller, cheaper” but what is being left out is everything real. It’s marketing without meaning, it’s products without purpose, it’s a shell of reality.

If we are honest with ourselves, which one of would see a doctor that got his degree overnight?

We have lost the love for the journey. Everyone wants to be an overnight success, but no one wants to grind and walk it out.

Anything worth doing in life always takes time and money. There is always a price to pay for it. We have just lost touch with reality.

Take some time to slow down and create meaningful, real connections with real people, and take the time to create a something purposeful.