Fluff and Stuff

The Internet has become a huge place for information. Technology has made it easier and easier to place and post information all over on the internet.

As a result, there is now a ton of fluffy white noise everywhere you look. So much marketing content is being produced and published now that every outlet is filled with “fluff-and-stuff” content. So much content doesn’t fulfill any purpose other than to target keywords and pull in as much traffic as possible.

Content is now a commodity product that is produced to gain attention. We are now selling this product for interaction. We are not creating to help others anymore.

Instead, we have now become a society that is producing a commodity used to fulfill selfish motivation. Just think about Facebook, and all of the get-rich-quick seminars.

A lot of it is “fluff and stuff.” It’s only face value and lacks depth. It sounds great and can make me feel great, but what do I really get out of each of these videos? The chance that I will make more money? The chance that I can reach more customers?

The way that content and marketing has changed makes sense, because we are now measuring success by the number of clicks, likes, and shares–what we call surface level interactions. If those are the results you are looking for, a lot of what is produced will be a commodity to purchase that.

This post is to get you guys thinking about what you are producing, and also why you are producing it. What are you trying to accomplish and does it really help others? Are you helping add depth and breadth to your audience or are you just looking for likes?

We are constantly bombarded by ads, information, and flashiness. So, how are you helping others in this time of bombardment? Are you giving them an option, an escape?

I don’t know about you guys, but time is something I am constantly thinking about.

How am I using it? How much do I have left? If I invest time now, what will be my return?

In today’s market the currency is time and data for attention and interaction. So as you and I vie for people’s attention, we should ask the question: what are we giving them?