Our world today is a world of instant gratification. Everything we need we can get easily and quickly. We no longer grow our own food, build our houses, or walk long distances to get somewhere.

Most of the upcoming generation and even parts of my generation have a problem with time. The time it takes to build something. The time it takes to accomplish something, the years of work and grind it takes to finally be that “overnight” success.

The only overnight successes are people who win the lottery, but even with a massive fortune they also instantly become bankrupt and fail. Why?

They never had a foundation or a plan, they never learned or got an education along the way from this thing we call life and experience.

It’s because of the overnight success stories that these people never understood the importance of principles, vision, discipline, structure, and more.

When was the last time you heard of a lottery winner starting the next Google or Facebook? You don’t, because they ran out of money fast.

They weren’t founded so their “building” that suddenly appeared on their land overnight quickly collapsed the next day because it sunk into the soft earth. This is why most investors immediately hire a bunch of extremely experienced executives to come on board and run the companies that they invest in. They know they need a foundation set before everything collapses.

I’m saying all of this to show the value in having the patience to grind through the problems, work through the difficulties, go slow and build that foundation. Rushing into things will always cause more issues than the planned approach. Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

The bigger the vision, the bigger the foundation has to be, and the more work it is going to take. Remember that the easy stuff will make you soft. The difficulties and trials will make you hard.

Get founded.