There is no such thing as “free.” If there was anything truly free, that means that no one ever paid a price for it. That would break the laws of economics, it just doesn’t exist.

There are such things as gifts, but no such thing as free. Someone always pays for free. So, what are you getting that’s free? What are you selling for free? More importantly, how much does free cost you?

I’ve found that “free” is normally more expensive than just paying up front for services or products. I found that when we give things away from free, it cost us more than just money, it costs us respect, future expectations, and appreciation. Most people don’t appreciate free because it is supposed to cost nothing, so you get nothing in return.

In a different aspect, we have worked on so many jobs that people have done for “free.” We have always found that the client has always spent more time and money correcting the problem, (that they got for free lol) than they ever would have spent by paying for it the first time.

Free is always is expensive. It means that the promises or the product have had corners cut, things left out. No one ever raves about the price, they rave about a good product. They rave about what they got.

Good work always takes good money. People leave reviews for great service and a great product, not price. What are you giving away for free?