Giving Value in Marketing

give value in marketing

My father grew up in the 60’s. Listening to him tell stories of his childhood makes me realize how fast the world has changed. Some of his stories include not having a TV until much later on in life. That amazes me because we live live in a world where we are inundated with smart devices. Because technology has become so integrated into our lives we have begun to use terms like hyper-connectivity. Social media, the internet, phones, smart TVs, computers, and gaming devices all have turned our world into a mass of information and digital marketing. And that’s no small thing because it is estimated that most Americans see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day. Comparatively, only 30 years ago people that lived in the city saw an average of 2,000 ads per day.

So, what makes you stand out in the flooded ad market? What makes you different? How do you stand out from the crowd that is telling everyone to buy their product just like you are. Does your ad contain simple worthwhile content? When you advertise to your potential customers do you give to them, or do you constantly ask for them to give to you? Is there any value in your advertisement that they are watching, reading, or listening to?

Before I define what giving value is, let’s look at what it isn’t.

Many advertisements are self-focused. That makes sense though, right? A marketer wants people to know that a brand is awesome, so he presents the business in a self-focused way. For example, “We take care of our customers and have the best widgets at the cheapest price…” This form of advertising may have worked in the past, but these days (with millennials especially) ads that don’t make people laugh, learn or grow are not received well.

They may even negatively affect a brand’s image in the eyes of the younger generation.
People want to laugh when they see a billboard or learn something interesting through a Facebook ad. And that’s what giving value in marketing is all about–how the target audience benefits from the advertisement.

What is the value in the advertisement you’re reading right now? Yup, blogging is marketing, and more specifically it’s content marketing. At Fire & Hammer, we truly believe that it is better to give than to receive, and one of our principles is to pay it forward first.

So, as you work to create ads and a marketing strategy remember to give back to those who you want to do business with. Instead of fighting to break down your clients walls so that they will buy your service or product, give them a gift so that they will open the gate.