Lost in the Fog

Take a moment and picture yourself driving a car full of friends. You are headed to a cabin in a remote location to have an awesome vacation.

Everyone knows where the cabin is located, but no one knows exactly how to get there. Everyone has decided to “just wing it and we will eventually get there.”

Everyone’s enjoying the ride and watching the scenery turn beautiful colors in the sunset.

But just after nightfall, you are suddenly surrounded by heavy fog. You can barely see where you’re going, and now your friends are a little nervous because they are starting to feel lost.

You miss a couple of turns without realizing, and have to turn around for the third time. Now things are getting serious because everyone is lost and just winging it isn’t going to cut.

People start pulling out their phones for directions, but you guessed it, there’s no signal. Another hour later you pull into a gas station and ask for directions.

To your surprise, you have been driving in circles around the cabin for the last two hours. You could take a 30-minute walk through the woods to get there.

To sum it up:

What if you had put together a proper plan and mapped out the route beforehand? You only need a couple of notes to have a great plan and map out where you are going.

A business can’t survive without planning. You need to know where you’re headed.

What if you realized that right before you quit and gave up, you were just a short walk to the finish line?