Mmmmm Politics

I’m not talking about the politics where we vote for one candidate over the other. I’m talking about the politics in the office. The games that we tend to play as people when we have to navigate murky and muddy waters of the workplace.

First let’s just get this out there. Office politics are no fun to play, there are no winners of this race. It’s rigged and everyone who plays or is involved in them loses.

Second, we always have the option to not participate in these games or involve others needlessly in these silly games that end up tearing us apart rather than building us up.

Politics quickly become erased when we adopt the straightforward policy of trust and communication into our culture. It’s better to have open disagreements with discussion then saying “yes” to the face with hidden agendas. Agenda’s only need to be hidden when there is not trust between us as a team while we work together.

Mmmmmm doesn’t really stand for delicious this time, rather it’s pensive because that’s how most of us who desire open communication feel about office politics.