We love to point the finger in our society today, but what we as people fail to realize is that every time we point the finger at someone or something else as the cause of our problems we have three fingers pointing right back at us.

Now if you flip this by taking ownership of the situation and point the finger back at yourself. You will find that first, the problem is much more easily solved than before because you own it. You can take your car to the mechanic, you can’t take one that doesn’t belong to you. Additionally, you will find that there are now three fingers pointing in the opposite direction and the other parties involved will be able to see their faults too.

Ownership is something that is not found very often. It is easy to shift the blame and place it on a tool. It is easy to let go of control and let someone else drive us. Taking ownership allows us to drive where we want to and build good partnerships. Taking ownership means owning the results too. Do you want different results than what you’re getting? Own what you’re doing.