Presentation that drives demand

A child judging value:

Presenting the same information in a more appealing way drives demand. 

But how important is it?

At Fire and Hammer we’ve been on the same journey all businesses are on, learning how to present ourselves in a way that people will find our offerings as valuable. 

What’s the difference between a row of 5 quarters vs. a stretched out row of 5 quarters?

The stretched out row feels better. 

We’ve been learning about what really matters to people, and how we communicate to them based on what really matters to them. 

Maybe the feeling of spreading out the quarters will make them feel better? If it does then that’s a win. 

Our goal is to provide an amazing client experience, and that is based off of how the client feels. Does the client feel like the same information is more valuable because it was presented in a different way? If so, then we should try to present it to them that way. 

How do your customers feel about your story? Do they find it valuable, or would they feel better about it if it was presented in a better way? How much of a difference would that make?

What about your offerings, which we define as basically the same as your story, what you offer, what flows out of you is who you are. 

What if you presented what you offer in a better way? 

Think about Apple and how well they present themselves. Their story and offerings are simple, enticing, and desirable.


They figured out how to present themselves in a way that drives demand. 

iPhone and top-tier Android have similar features, but Apple has arguably done a much better job presenting themselves. 

How do we spread out the quarters to communicate value better?