Real Life Degrees

What if education occurred in every moment of every day? What if learning happened at home, work, and throughout our everyday lives? What if everyone you came into contact with was a teacher? And what if all of these teachers taught you how to do something? How would that impact your life?

What if I told you this is exactly what happens to us everyday?

We think of education as something that begins in the classroom and ends with us walking to get a diploma; is that all there is to education? Is that what our growth is limited to?

No, it’s not.

You can get a solid education in life, and just like in the classroom, what you get comes from what you want. Many people think and believe that school stops after you graduate.

My father always told me that school and education never finish. The school of life is always teaching, but only if you are humble, and willing to learn.

My father flew internationally as an American Airlines pilot for 26 years. He was required by American Airlines to be tested, educated, and trained on a constant basis. Every time he flew to a new location he would have to learn about the route and then plan accordingly.

When he visited different countries, he learned from different people, cultures, and ideas around the world. As a result, my father always said that his education never stopped. He told me growing up that school doesn’t end when you graduate, that’s when it starts.

What do you want to learn? What do you want to achieve? What are you willing to learn from? Being open to new information is key in a time where everything is constantly changing. Technology, businesses, customers, goals, processes — they all change at an incredible pace.

Take the time to listen and learn from others. A negative situation doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot learn something positive.

Learn from what is happening around you. Add that knowledge to your arsenal of weapons. Don’t let a diploma be the end of your education.