Taking a Step Back

Sometimes trying to solve the problem at hand isn’t the best way to get a solution.

Oftentimes when I take a step back and look up from the problem at hand, I discover a more simple solution.

To take this concept even further, it’s been said that the best ideas come in the shower, and I think that’s because we’re just taking care of ourselves.

When each of us step back and do what’s best for ourselves and others, answers to problems often just come.

Why is that? Because when we decide to truly serve, we discover the real work.

Not to say there isn’t a time to put your head down and grind, but that isn’t all the time.

There’s also a time to rest, and serving may look like something as simple as personal hygiene. That’s serving ourselves…and others (because we don’t stink).

One of our clients, Bradford Wellness Co. even offers Destress CBD bath bombs for those looking to take their bathtub idea sessions to the next level.