Teachers Teachers Everywhere

Remember school and all the homework you had to do? Remember the long hours in classes listening to the teacher go on and on about science, history, or math?

When I say teacher, most of the time this is the first thing that comes to mind, and it is an idea that has really shaped us as a society.

Our idea of what a teacher is, and what a teacher should be is much different than that what it actually is.

That’s because we see education and learning as something that is only done in a classroom environment. That’s why in the business world we have training sessions, death by powerpoint presentations, and classrooms to educate us.

What if everyone was a teacher and the classroom was everyday life? How would this change the way you interact with people? How would this change your business?

What would teach people and how would you do it?

So many times we fail to realize that we are always influencing and affecting others. In truth, everyone is a teacher, it’s ok if you don’t have a Harvard degree, and it’s ok if you do. The important thing is to be learning.

Education and learning can occur every day, if you choose to let it. How much are you listening, adding, teaching, and growing?