The Endgame

The “endgame.” It’s the only game to play, it’s the only game that matters, and, to be serious, it is the only game that exists. Very few people play for the end game.

Most people only play for the here and now. They play for the instant gratification, they make choices and decisions based on how fast they will see results.

They take medicine for the cough but they never quit smoking. It’s addressing the symptom, but not the disease. They don’t think about playing for the long haul.

But even more importantly than all of that, everyone is playing the endgame and there are no exceptions to this. We are all playing it, and we are all in it. The ones who have figured this out are the ones who win.

They are the people who seem like an overnight success. But in reality, there are no overnight successes in the endgame. There are only winners of endurance and patience.

If you think there is such a thing as an overnight success, that’s your proof that you aren’t playing for the endgame. It’s proof that you are thinking about the band-aid solution or a way out of your current state.

Just because a solution would fix the problem immediately doesn’t mean it’s the best one. What are the future ramifications of deleting that file? Of outsourcing an important project? Of requiring employees to work overtime to finish up that thing for a client?

The grass is always greener over the septic tank, don’t let it fool you. To play and win in the endgame, you have to have endurance, patience, the humility to learn, and the mentality to change and grow.

If you don’t have these mindsets you will never adapt, you will never change, and you will be left wanting.

What game are you playing?