The Path of Least Resistance

When it comes to human nature we tend to always take the path of least resistance. It is much easier to sit down and work on things that you enjoy than to go out and do things that you don’t.

A great example is of this is me and networking. Networking is not something that I necessarily enjoy, I do it because it is important to have a network, be connected, and meet people. It’s an important part of growing the business.

However, if given the choice I would much rather just go to the office and check things off of my to-do list.

But this goes much further than this.

How much do we ignore things, because it is just easier that way? How many times do we think, “that I’ll take care of that later,” because it is inconvenient to deal with the problem at hand?

How often do we stop to think out our actions before we do them? The path of least resistance looks way better than the path of patience and discipline. Everything in life worth doing takes time and effort.

Anytime we face a difficult problem, we want to push it off until a later date. There’s a tricky bug in a program? Some weird errors on a website? Can’t get a document formatted right? It’s okay, we’ll worry about it later.

We like to take the path of least resistance.

Just remember: it is easier to do the wrong thing.