The “Perfect” Trap

One of the biggest pitfalls that comes with business is thinking that we have to be perfect. It is a mind set that is easy to get into but extremely hard to get out off. Just take a moment and think with me about the number of projects that were never launched because they weren’t perfect. What about all of the opportunities that have passed us by all because we weren’t perfect or they weren’t perfect. What about all of the businesses that haven’t been started because people sat by and just waited for that perfect moment to come along and then before they knew it life had passed them by.

The human mind rejects perfection. It is a scientific fact that beauty is found by not being perfectly symmetrical but by being imperfect. As a matter of fact, the natural world is not perfectly symmetrical so when we see something that is, our brains reject it because it looks off. Every tree you look at has a different number of limbs and leaves than the next one. They don’t even have the some types of leaves. What if every tree looked the same?

Don’t get me wrong, balance and quality should not be forgotten but perfection is not an achievement, it is an inhibitor. In my lifetime I will never obtain all the knowledge in the world. How can I be perfect without it? Perfection means knowing every outcome, every move, and every single event that will happen before making decisions. I don’t know about you, but I can’t do that. Life is not built that way, it is full of surprises. Life is an adventure, because you don’t always know what is coming.

So, reflect with me for a moment, in order for my team and I to launch the perfect product or marketing campaign I would have to know at least everything I mentioned above, right? Don’t do what I have done and get caught up in being perfect. There’s no such thing as the perfect SEO campaign, or the perfect website design. Everything has flaws.

Perfection can be a killer, a de-motivator. It creates a vicious cycle of never being good enough to launch, and I got caught in that cycle. Being great is awesome, offering something that is above and beyond your competitors is amazing, having the edge is killer but none of it is perfect, it’s just simply better.

Don’t spend your time trying to be perfect before stepping out. Make your plan, figure out the steps to the best of your ability, and then just do it. Don’t let the fog of perfection disorient you so you are off-track and lost. Take it one step at a time and move forward, and just simply get better at taking steps.