The Road

The road, everyone walks on one and is headed somewhere. Our destination is something that we can intentionally choose or we wander aimlessly hoping to end up somewhere decent.

The road itself is not the same for everyone. It is unique in location, twists and turns, and mountains and valleys, but the principles and lessons that can be learned are universally the same for every individual.

The road can be gentle or hard. Peaceful and bright. Dark and scary. It can be lonely and isolating.

The road takes a combination of preparation, and bravery. It can seem endless with no checkpoint in sight. Many times the road requires boldness to move forward into the unknown.

The road has no finish line in this life. When we think we have made it, we have actually just stopped walking.

The road shapes and matures us. The outcome whether positive or negative at the end of that process is left totally up to you.