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What is website creation (aka web development or web design)?

Most believe that creating a website is a simple process made up of themes, colors, and features. Rather it is the opposite. Creating a product that serves your need to be based on real business goals and objectives. This requires alignment, understanding, and sweat equity upfront before any line of code is typed.

Delivering a custom website for your users – After in-depth discovery, you receive a custom blueprint to win according to your definition. We then follow your unique blueprint to create your website.

The outcome of the website creation offering is a custom website that aligns with what winning means to you.

The website journey from start to finish

  1. Discovery
  2. Content creation and curation
  3. Website design and development
  4. Website integrity (maintenance, security and updates)
  5. Marketing

Is having a website for my business important?

This question can be answered many different ways and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For some businesses, not having a website may be the best move, but for most businesses having a website is important, and here are some common reasons why.

Opportunity Cost
For most businesses, a website can be thought of more in terms of opportunity cost rather than what value it brings. In other words, what opportunities am I missing because I'm not investing in my website?

The World is digital
You can think of your website as your digital office or storefront. Real people are engaging with businesses digitally by visiting their website. Many consumers see no difference between the digital and material world.

Marketing has changed
In the past, a printed phone book was all you needed to put your businesses name into, but now a lot of marketing has become digital. As people continue to live more and more of their lives through technology, businesses will have to meet people where they are.

Digital Real Estate
A website is a form of real estate that's digital. Owning property and investing in it can be a great future-facing investment that creates opportunities in the future, and owning and investing in a website is the same.

There is more consumable content for human beings than ever before in human history. Consumer attention is in higher demand and lower supply than ever before. Because of all of the content out there, the businesses who connect with their audience and hold their attention win.

For more thoughts on this topic check out the website buyer's guide.

What happens after my website is completed?

The website requires maintenance to keep it fully functional. This includes hosting, monitoring, analysis, software updates, security measures, etc.

Additionally, local marketing services and additional marketing services are available.

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