What is a Story Website?

Content is the biggest challenge for any company working on their website. What do we put on the website?

That’s why it helps to have a third party designer/storyteller get inside your world and offer what they think you’re all about. When looking at our own businesses it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

And with that being said, there are two sides to a Storysite:

The design and the content.

Design is First

This is the actual design of the site that communicates feelings, desires, and value.

This is like the outside of a beautiful house.

You’ve got to have a great outside to go with a great inside. The outside needs to reflect the inside and vice-versa.

This includes a site blueprint, user flow and funnels, target audience focus, and a lot more.

The design process goes deeper because it’s custom-tailored to one business, not just any business like a templated website.

Content is Second

Content answers the following questions:

Who are we serving? How are we talking to them? What are we telling them?

It’s one thing to nail down a brand’s essence with aesthetics. It’s another to nail it down with content.

Content means images, text and videos.

Content is the interior decorating of a house. It’s all the furniture and other stuff inside.

If a website is done well, every last piece of content will have a specific purpose.