Why is my website not secure?

If your website is not secure like any of these pictures:

website is not secure - google chrome
your connection is not private

…then it’s an issue that Search Engines take seriously, and it can greatly affect your brand.

Throughout the history of the internet, websites have been used for malicious activity, and tactics have evolved over time.

One major historical problem was websites not transferring user-inputted data securely. This meant that when actions were taken on a website like filling out a contact form or entering credit card information, there were vulnerabilities.

Inputted data could be stolen.

This was such a problem that in 2018 Google mandated security of websites in order to have a high ranking on Google Search.

One of the primary ways for websites to become more secure was to implement an existing technology for secure data transfer. This more secure transfer process helped reduce a significant amount of web-based malicious activity. Here’s a chart from Google:

Google’s warnings of unsecure websites over time
Google’s warnings of unsecure websites over time

The current day problem is that not all websites have made the transition to more secure data transfer, and many website owners are unaware that their website has had decreased traffic since 2018.

However for some websites, following Google’s mandated change is not a priority. Websites that may fit in this category are those with little to no user-input, such as non-ecommerce websites that are not competing on search engines or seeking better branding.

But the web is moving forward, and increasing security measures is a trend.

Lots of great websites from pre-2018 have dropped off of search engines because they were not maintained and secured.

The solution for most is to secure data inputs on existing websites or create new websites that take their place in the ecosystem.


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