Winds, Whims, & Roots

It’s a beautiful sunny day, blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Watching the clouds fly across the sky being driven by the wind is cool to watch. Watching how the wind shapes them to look like ducks, faces, and dogs with wings, it makes you stop and pause for a moment.

Sometimes though, the wind is what drives the storm, and the clear blue skies are no longer seen. Those white puffy clouds are suddenly a part of the chaos, and then before you know it the wind, storm, and clouds are gone. Poof!

All of this is really interesting, and it caused me to think about being driven by other people’s whims and ideas.

Those whims will affect you, shape you, transform you, and at the time it might look like clear blue skies and feel right. But those whims can quickly and suddenly cause storms that suck you in and never let go.

Trees, however, are interesting.

They are flexible enough to bend and sway in the wind, and when a storm comes through they are rooted and rock solid. They will weather that storm and see blue skies again.

Are you letting your business be blown along in a storm of chaos and confusion, or are your principles solid?

There is a difference between going where the wind blows and being rooted.