Your brand and website software updates

A brand is the reputation of an organization, product or service. It’s the gut feeling people have.

An example of this is think about Nike or McDonalds, and you have a gut feeling about them. This all is part of their branding.

An organization’s website, logo and messaging are all part of their overall brand. These are all tools to influence and guide people to make an opinion. 

The logo is not a brand, it’s just a symbol. But when the logo serves the purpose of shaping consciousness, then it fits into a larger brand strategy. 

We’re all making brand moves all the time. 

Think “reputation”. 

A good reputation is much harder to build than it is to lose.  

In business the logo or website isn’t the brand. The logo is a symbol, and the website can serve many different purposes. 

But these items can be used to create good branding for the business. 

Good branding means better customers and opportunities.

So where does a website come into play in all this?

The website can break or be hacked without a business owner realizing it. 

This causes bad branding.

To continue to have a business’s website cause good branding, regular website software updates are required. To keep the website as an asset and not a liability.