Zagberbaggers & Night Lights

Darkness is amazing. It takes everyday moments and creates something completely different.

As children, it turned our closets into hiding places for Blaggurlothes that ate our clothes. It made our jackets turn into scary Falcketsackets that were out to get us.

Our beds became haunted by the Zagberbaggers that would eat our feet if we hung them off the side of the bed. The Zonkerwonkers were always waiting in the hallway to keep mom and dad from coming our way when we needed them the most.

The Telonkontains were hiding behind the shower curtains to catch us when we went to the bathroom. But we always knew it would be ok because right before we were eaten by the monsters…

Mom and Dad would turn on the lights, which put the frights in all the monsters that came out in the dark.

Darkness is a funny thing, it takes familiar places and makes them feel scary. It makes safe places feel dangerous.

It makes simple problems seem impossible to correct and fix. Darkness is easy to get rid of.

How do you get rid of the darkness?:

  • Talk about the uncomfortable things.
  • Address what seems scary.
  • Approach things as a team.
  • Track what you’re not tracking.
  • Count what needs to be counted.
  • Look outside of the box to see what else is out there.

You simply have to turn on the lights so that you can see the problems clearly.

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